sulemani aqeeq akik-2000pkr-15 ct to 25ct

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    Sulemani aqeeq

    Is a kind of Akik associated with the name of Hazrat Suleman (as). Moreover Sulemani aqeeq is an akik with bands. All the pieces are different from one another.


    Red,black,yellow,greay etc. There can be any colour of Sulemani aqeeq. Only lines separates a Sulemani aqeeq from other Akiks.Although sulemani aqeeq is not rare. But treated agates are very common so be aware. Firstly we are proud to provide untreated and 100% natural Sulemani aqeeqs. Secondly we take special care of polish and size. Sulemani aqeeq suits best in silver for men. For ladies jewelry smal sized stones are good in gold.

    1 review for sulemani aqeeq akik-2000pkr-15 ct to 25ct

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